About Us

POWER Lehigh Valley

Faith-based but not faith exclusive, POWER (Pennsylvanians Organized to Witness, Empower & Rebuild) Lehigh Valley is a local citizens group committed to interrupting oppressive and inequitable systems that have historically, negatively impacted Black, LatinX, poor and working-class communities in the Lehigh Valley.

Our work focuses on both short-term and long-term solutions, aimed at disrupting the status quo through effective grassroots organizing rooted in both personal and collective transformation. Our mission is to foster truly healthy, inclusive and just communities across the Lehigh Valley, by building a multi-racial justice movement that is predicated on a clear understanding of both how white supremacy operates at a systemic and individual level, and how oppression negatively impacts us all. To accomplish that mission, our work is focused on:

  • improving race relations through community dialogues and educational forums
  • advocating for economic justice and a living wage
  • campaigning for equity in education and fair funding
  • promoting civic engagement in marginalized communities, and
  • ending mass incarceration as we know it, by:
    • holding prosecutors accountable
    • challenging inequitable policies that disproportionately impact the poor and People of Color, and advocating for common sense solutions that truly provide second chances
    • engaging those closest to the pain—the formerly incarcerated and their families—and providing them with stigma‐free opportunities that develops them as leaders in the movement
  • advocating for healthcare for all
  • empowering both our people who live at the margins, and the privileged to walk together to challenge and undo the barriers that have kept us all isolated and powerless.
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